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First Derm is a clinical research backed teledermatology service and has been operational globally since 2014. Anonymously check any skin concern and get an answer within hours by a board certified dermatologist; to give you peace of mind on the move, or from the comfort of your own home. Securely upload your symptoms and pictures with complete anonymity and data protection. A dermatologist will respond within hours with the most likely condition and what next steps to take.

Press releases

Spot the Signs Early: Online Skin Cancer Screenings with First Derm

First Derm is offering free online skin consultations, through their partnership with the Charles Slbg Foundation . Together, they aim to empower... read more

06.05.2024 • By First Derm

A FREE online skin cancer screening service, identifies 74 skin cancers...

LONDON, (13th April 2023) — First Derm , a leader in online dermatology consultations, partnered with The Charles SLBG Foundation in June 2022,... read more

13.04.2023 • By First Derm